Ho ho ho

Ho ho ho December 24, 2006

A hearty Merry Christmas to all.

I just wish you Christians would stop closing down my beloved cafes and bookstores during your holidays. 

If there’s one of the yearday when I really want to go unwind over 60 oz. of Columbian with a stack of obscure periodicals, it’s Christmas Day.  While others excitedly tear open their gifts, I howl in fury at the bolted doors of my favorite haunts.  Year after year.

Were we still in Washington, DC, we’d at least be able to go to a sheesha joint, but we’re in the South now.

As I’ve said before, America desperately needs a "Shabbas goy" arrangement for keeping these vital civic institutions running 24/7/365.  Surely there are enough Muslims, Jews, Jehova’s Witnesses, Hindus, Wiccans, Atheists, Buddhists, …, out there to put an end to this annual torment.   

A belated Happy Hannukah to my Jewish friends floating out there in the Blogosphere, as well.  Haven’t blogged in over a week, so I’m woefully behind on my holiday greetings.

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