L.A. Eight vindicated

L.A. Eight vindicated January 31, 2007

I just posted over at Eteraz.org on the "L.A. Eight" case.

Eteraz.org || LA Eight’s vindication a defeat for Islamophobia and victory for America

Good news in the war on terror, bad news in the War Against Muslim Participation in American Life.

A resounding blow has been struck for justice and rule of law in a decades old case of government-sanctioned pro-Israeli political persecution against American Arabs and Muslims.  The "LA 8" have finally been vindicated.

A federal immigration judge has dismissed the government’s attempt to deport two men who were arrested along with six other U.S. residents because of their alleged ties to Palestinian terrorists and who fought relentless efforts to force them to leave the country for 20 years. 

This case, which was launched in the late 1980s, also reminds us that Islamophobia and Arab-bating were not born on 9/11.

There’s more.   Note in particular the fascinating comment from a lawyer who’d worked on the case early on.

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