Show prayer times in FireFox with Fzami

Show prayer times in FireFox with Fzami March 20, 2007

Screenshot of Fzami, a FireFox plug-in for Islamic prayer times
Came across a handy Firefox plug-in called Fzami that displays prayer times in the status bar.  Haven’t experimented with it yet, but judging by the screenshots it looks great.
[HT: Dil-e-Nadaan]

Man, this could be a real gold mine for the guy who made it, given how easy it is to get sucked into one’s computer.  We’re talking potentially gazillions of sawab .  This is a like a spiritual "dot com".  He’ll be able to "retire" (to Jannah as opposed to the fancy house in the ‘burbs).

If one gets blessings for the good deeds done by those one has taught, etc., what is the reward for helping tons of techies, bloggers, and surfers you’ve never met be regular with their prayers.  It’s nasiha for the Digital Age.

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