Religion Dispatches – “UK Muslims & the ‘War on Christmas'”

Religion Dispatches – “UK Muslims & the ‘War on Christmas'” January 18, 2008

Have only written one piece so far, but I’m am now pleased to call myself a contributor to the interesting new progressive blog on religion Religion Dispatches

My first post is on the topic of "UK Muslims & the "War on Christmas":

and ironic news from the British front of the "War on Christmas." In
the UK, some seemingly unlikely champions for the Christmas spirit are
entering the lists. Muslims and Hindus are urging people not to throw
the Baby Jesus out with the Yuletide bathwater by needlessly

deemphasizing the holiday’s theological message.

I also opine therein about how ironic it is that the Christmas season should find itself defended by such inveterate Grinches, with their coldly individualistic, dog-eat-dog vision of government and social policy.

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