India gets into the senior-warehousing biz

India gets into the senior-warehousing biz March 9, 2008

"Progress" in India.

Perhaps we can start outsourcing this there, too.

In booming India retirement homes spread – Yahoo! News

She grew up listening to her grandparents’ stories over dinner, three generations gathered in the house they shared, like nearly every Indian family she knew.

But now that Uma Paranjpe is a grandmother, she finds herself living alone in a small apartment, her children abroad, her grandchildren far from her cooking and her stories.

And she’s thrilled.

"Grandparents also want their own independence," said the 62-year-old widow, who lives in a bustling retirement community in this southwestern Indian city. "We want freedom. We would like to travel, to pursue our hobbies."

A cultural revolution is under way in India, led by an unlikely gray-haired vanguard that is dramatically changing what it means to be old here, and what it means to be a family. In a country where family is society’s strongest cultural anchor, the thought of the elderly living alone has long been anathema, but many old people today are
embracing the notion.

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