The mullah and the reality TV show

The mullah and the reality TV show September 18, 2008

Via Austrolabe
SBS – Special Broadcasting Service

Dave Zwolenski is 26 years old and likes girls and drinking beer. Raised a Catholic, these days he prefers to stay away from religion altogether. Sheik Hilaly is 66, born in Egypt and a devote Muslim. He likes praying and drinking ‘man tea’ (his own special blend). Together, Dave and the Sheik form an odd couple, but for the next few weeks they are going to be inseparable.

What in the world…

My first thought when I saw this was of Flavor Flav for some reason. Perhaps it’s the surrealness of the picture , a (in Australia) infamous Muslim leader in full khutba regalia posing during a domestic scene (with a spoon of food in mid-air no less) with some white-bread, t-shirted youngster. He might as well be dangling an immense alarm clock and yelling “Yeah, Boy!”
Even weirder is the film’s seeming schizophrenic nature. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions and reading too much into some details, but I get the feeling this is in equal parts trite, tiresome reality show (a la half of the programs infesting the airwaves) and high-minded bridge-building documentary (a la the “30 Days” episode on Islam that I imagine inspired this Australian program).

Any of you (M)Aussies out there catch it?

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