Can American “conservative” rhetoric become any dumber or cruder?

Can American “conservative” rhetoric become any dumber or cruder? October 22, 2008

Listen to this empty-headed, hate-spouting "legislator" accusing a huge chunk of America (and many of her colleagues) of being anti-American terror sympathizers merely for the mortal sin of leaning Left and not buying her guy's scare tactics.

This is symptom of the deep intellectual and moral malaise afflicting the Republican Party today. They're so completely out of ideas that all they have to offer is this vicious and breathtakingly hypocritical slime.

It's quite revolting to see a politician who's obviously working feverishly to inject an argument into the debate claiming in the same breath to merely be the mouthpiece of popular concerns that polls demonstrate most of the populace not to give a hoot about.

The dishonesty is nauseating. Show some leadership and respect for the American people and admit that these are your concerns, Rep. Bachman. Make a case for your prejudices and paranoia openly.

Joseph McCarthy was at least reacting (albeit thuggishly, counterproductively and unconstitutionally) to a real threat to American security. These zealots are making threats up out of thin air.

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