The hardships of war

The hardships of war June 3, 2009

A light bit of news  from the Af-Pak neck of the woods.

Aussie troops in Afghanistan appalled by Dutch food

A team of Australian military cooks has been rushed to Afghanistan after troops deployed there complained about the Dutch food they are being served.
By Radio Netherlands Worldwide
Feature – Dutch soldiers eat home specialities in the Afghan desert
There have been few if any complaints about the Dutch troops in Afghanistan from the other countries in the coalition forming the International Support and Assistance Force (ISAF). Generally they are regarded as valuable colleagues doing a good job.
However, there is one problem being experienced by the 800 Australian troops who share the Tarin Kowt military base in Uruzgan province with Dutch troops. The Dutch are in charge of the mess and the Aussies are less than happy about the food. There have been so many complaints about the Dutch food being "tasteless" and "not fresh" that the issue has been raised in the parliament in Canberra. …

Now, imagine if the cooks had been British. There probably would've been mass desertions to the Taliban.

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