On the myth that the Quran forbids friendship with non-Muslims

On the myth that the Quran forbids friendship with non-Muslims September 17, 2009

Since I'm blogging up a storm tonight, I direct your attention to this useful discussion of "Friendship with Non-Muslims according to the Qur'an" by Afroz Ali of the Australian Al-Ghazzali Centre for Islamic Sciences and Human Development.

This is a topic about which one hears so much utter drivel today, so Br. Ali's short but thougthful and pretty systematic overview of Quranic verses relating to social relations between Muslims and non-Muslims is very handy and enlightening.

The article shows that contrary to the conventional wisdom among Islamophobes and hardline Islamists today, the Quran "allows and recognizes friendship on the basis of common interest, dignity, understanding and respect, with whoever exercises these commendable human qualities." The verses customarily cited as proof of enmity between Islam and Christianity or Judaism do not concern friendship at all, but refer to the dangers of over-dependency on outsiders in a time of  great religious conflict.

Also, as a fan of puns, I note approvingly that this center publishes a "ghazzette".

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