Old folks “occupy” CA bank

Old folks “occupy” CA bank January 8, 2012

This sight  surely scared the bank manager more than a sprinting horde of "Brains!"-chanting zombies would have.  [HT: SF Weekly]

‘Wild Old Women’ Close San Francisco Bank Of America Branch (CBS San Francisco, January 5, 2012):

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – It was a slow-moving Occupy Wall Street protest, but it was an effective one. A dozen senior citizens calling themselves “the wild old women” succeeded in closing a Bank of America branch in Bernal Heights Thursday.

The women, aged 69 to 82, who live at the senior home up Mission street from the Bernal Heights Bank of America branch, decided to hold their own protest by doing what they called a “run on the bank.”

Tita Caldwell, 80, who led the charge of women with walkers and wheelchairs, said that they’re demanding the bank lower fees, pay higher taxes, and stop foreclosing on, and evicting, homeowners. [MORE]

Being caught on video arguing with–much less pepper spraying or ilegallydetaining–these protesters will make for rather bad PR. It's a PR disaster no matter how it gets handled. Which is appropriate given how scandalously cut-throat and neo-feudal  the American economy is today.  You can only put so much lipstick on this pig.

Cue the rightwing pundits with their slogans about clueless young people who don't understand how the real world works. Tell that to old peoplewho are eating cat food as the Right lectures them about "entitlement reform."

And cue the insincere declarations of support from centrist Democratic leaders whose economic policies are  consistently functionally indistinguishable from that of the Republicans. At least the latter are fairly consistent from a purely ideological standpoint as they promote policies that reduce America to a third world nation.


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Old folks “occupy” CA bank
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