Beware the peaceful decoy Muslims!

Beware the peaceful decoy Muslims! January 24, 2012

A very timely report from the trenches of the War on Terror. Al-Qaeda's most insidious plot yet: the peaceful decoy Muslims!

The Onion News: "Al Qaeda Populating U.S. With Peaceful 'Decoy Muslims'"

The sad thing is that this is barely satire, in some circles of American politics and media. The Orwellian notion that Muslims who are to all appearances and by all conventional standards  squeaky-clean, "normal" and "moderate"–but who do not enlist in the Islamophobes' cause–ultimately pose the greatest threat of all to American security is a constant refrain in the Muslim-baiting industry. Just lace up the hip boots and google "Taqiyya Muslims America" to see what I mean.

BTW, there's a small intertextual, presumably unintended, touch: The "reporter" in this clip bears a slight resemblance to a famous real-life Islamophobe kook–Wafa Sultan–known for comparably paranoid and bigoted rhetoric against Muslims.

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