November 25, 2014

So I’ve been writing about my conversion experience and what’s been drawing me in to the Catholic Church and the bulk of it, in the beginning, was theological, historical, and intellectual. It began with notions of sola scriptura, the Protestant belief of the Bible as the sole authority in the Christian’s life. For me, it fell apart, and I found the teaching authority of the Catholic Church to make a lot more sense. And the more I learned about the Catholic Church… Read more

November 19, 2014

If you’ve been reading my conversion story from the beginning you’ll know that my journey towards the Catholic Church had, in the beginning at least, a lot to do with the authority of the Bible. That’s where it began. After some exposure to the Catholic Church through a podcasting priest from the Netherlands, a Protestant pastor and close friend asked me that fateful question, “What’s more important, tradition or the Bible?” My journey took me to reading a lot of Catholic… Read more

November 18, 2014

David Ahlquist is the brother-in-law of the late, great Larry Norman—arguably one of God’s greatest gifts to Christian music. Ahlquist is also the president of the American Chesterton Society and a convert to the Catholic Church from Protestantism. As Ahlquist tells in his own conversion story it was Norman who first encouraged him to read G.K. Chesterton and it was Chesterton who convinced Ahlquist to become a Catholic. As Chesterton himself tells it, one of the cruxes that finally led him… Read more

November 17, 2014

I’m on a G.K. Chesterton kick today. Chesterton, a Catholic convert from Anglicanism (and an atheist before that) is an intellectual giant in terms of modern Christian writers. He is eclipsed, in writers of his era, perhaps only by C.S. Lewis, another hero of Christianity who actually credited Chesterton’s writings for his own conversion. As an atheist himself, Lewis approached Chesterton’s The Everlasting Man with a measure of skepticism. He later wrote in his autobiography Surprised by Joy that, A young man… Read more

November 16, 2014

I was talking to a friend yesterday when I came to realize, from hearing someone else’s story, that not everyone’s misconceptions or notions about the Catholic Church fall so easily. As someone making his way into the Church I still find myself astonished to hear some of the things that my fellow Protestants believe about Catholicism. I’m shocked, for example, when someone asks, “But don’t they worship Mary?” But I shouldn’t be. Just a couple of years ago I would’ve believed… Read more

November 10, 2014

I wrote last time about attending Mass for the third time and how I experienced it differently after reading and learning more about the Mass and the Catholic faith. I found Mass to be incredibly beautiful, breath-taking even, and experienced it much differently than I had ever experienced it before. I wanted to write more, much more, but I calmed myself down, poured a cup of tea, and broke that post up into two. So, in this post, the second, I… Read more

November 9, 2014

I’m taking a break from writing about my conversion experience to write about my experience today. I went to Mass today, for the third time ever. I’ve been to Mass twice before. My first Mass was with my friend John, a cradle Catholic who came to my Protestant church service in exchange for me going to Mass with him. Mass with John was an absolutely confounding process. We went to a noon-hour Mass at the Catholic college on campus. It was chaotic and… Read more

November 4, 2014

Pastor Dan had dropped a bomb, and left. He’d asked me, “What’s more important the Bible or tradition?” When I answered that it was, “the Bible,” he was quick to point out that the Bible was put together by tradition. Tradition came first. He was right and I found that very difficult to reconcile with my Bible-only faith. Our conversation—Dan’s question—sent me on a deeper journey. I recently came across an eight-year old blog post on Catholic and Protestant traditions. It must’ve… Read more

November 1, 2014

We saw a production of Fiddler on the Roof at the Stratford Festival a few years ago. We’re fortunate to live close by and to be able to get out to see a show once in a while. We’ve never been disappointed. Tevye is who I always think of when I hear the word, “Tradition.” Maybe you’re like me. In Fiddler, Tevye, the patriarch of a Russian Jewish family, is struggling against the tension between the modern world (circa 1905) and the tradition… Read more

October 25, 2014

Having spent some quality time with my Dutch Catholic priest Catholicism had, like I said, become somewhat normalized. There were things I heard—explanations from Father Roderick—that I shook my head at, or tentatively disagreed with, but Catholicism became more real. It wasn’t as strange as it used to be; after all, if this priest could be serious about his faith, and he was, then maybe there was more to it than met the eye. I was warming up to the idea,… Read more

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