About K. Albert Little

Welcome to The Cordial Catholic, I’m K. Albert Little.

I’m an Evangelical convert to the Catholic faith. My wife (also a convert) and I live in Kitchener, Canada along with our son and daughter, a cat, and a dog.

The essence of this blog is simple: with clarity, love, and humility I try to cordially explain why I’m Catholic and what it means from my particular perspective as a former non-denominational evangelical Christian.

If I’ve learned anything in becoming a Catholic it’s how misunderstood the faith is by both non-Catholics and Catholics alike.

As far as the moniker Cordial Catholic goes, I like to say that it’s more of an aspiration than a title. I’m a work in progress.

Get in Touch…

I love to hear from readers with questions or comments and I try my best to write back to everyone.

I’m also always excited for opportunities to speak at events. If you’re interested in a dynamic Catholic speaker for your parish event, mission, or conference please reach out. There’s nothing I enjoy more than sharing the Catholic faith.

Please e-mail cordialcatholic@gmail.com.