Lenten Reflection: God’s in the Business of Redemption

Lenten Reflection: God’s in the Business of Redemption April 3, 2014


During this year’s Lenten journey, I’ve decided to think and write on ministry. It’s sort of an umbrella and I’m just writing as I feel things fall.

I suppose God has been showing me the power of redemption for a while but it really hit me this morning that God has the ability to turn anything around. Whether it be a situation that’s caused you pain for longer than you care to remember or a relationship that wasn’t always positive, God can let his love rain down and it change the landscape of that situation.

And I say this as someone who is experiencing and witnessing this in my own world.

Be encouraged and know that nothing is beyond God’s reach. Whether the situation be big or small, slightly meh or bordering on your own personal hell, God can turn it around. The beauty in this is that sharing this good news with others ministers to them and gives the gift of hope.


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