This Is My Jerusalem

This Is My Jerusalem July 15, 2014


This Is My Jerusalem
Land of the free-ish,
home of the brave soul who emigrates to find out dreams are only valid if you come from the right place
Her wailing wall extends into the western sea
Tear streaked by families held apart by chain linked fences
Quarters segregated like the old city,
faith and skintone are her boundaries

My country tis of thee,
sweet land of irony
It’s of thee I sing
Raising banners of blessed faith to control the masses when convenient
What you use as a shield will erode your covering like acid
showing who you are beneath the surface
Suffice it to say your god’s name is steeped in profanity

My people are in bondage to an unholy Empire who passes peace to take pieces of their God given liberty
Her leaders cry out for water board baptisms and force fed communion for her enemies
Pushing work far more deadly than the drugs they pretend to wage war on
Because war is about power
And Power is at the root of her addiction
So she start conflicts at home and abroad to get her fix and shake that monkey off her back

From sea to shining sea, she is a beauty dying from the cancer that is greed and the injustice it promotes
And we,
those within her boundaries,
smell the stench of her decay

I see her corruption and yet my heart beats for her
And as love requires
I will stand in the spirit asking for mercy on her behalf

Dress me in sackcloth
Anoint my head with ashes
Sit me at Her gates so I can weep
and mourn
then pray
For this is my Jerusalem

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