It Struck A Chord: Standing in the Door

It Struck A Chord: Standing in the Door November 20, 2014

In the morning, after I wake up, I check my scripture app, then my Facebook and my email. Today I just took the second step and am so grateful I did. One of my favorite blogers, Grace Sandra, posted Standing In The Door by Esther Emery and all I can say is God used this sister to give me life.

I have been struggling in understanding who I am in the Body and where I belong. I don’t feel like I fit in the spaces where I grew up and that’s a hard thing to process through, that your roots are not your end. But praise God for my sister who reminded me of the space at the door.

The space where those who have been cast out are fighting their way back in.

Where the black sheep and marginalised stand with their lock cutters to loose the gospel and see it released, pouring out of the doors.

This is where I want to stand. In the doorway or on the steps telling passersby that this place, this Church, belongs to you. It belongs to us crazy, radical, alternative, fighter, messy, messed up, broken, wonderful people because Jesus spoke to the margins. He spoke to those of us who don’t quite fit and reminds us that the kingdom of God not only belongs to us, it lies within us. And if others try and keep us out of the Church we will find community on those steps as we work to prepare the building for us all.

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