Prayer for Transform

Prayer for Transform April 26, 2015


This weekend I was fortunate enough to spend time in fellowship and contemplative reflection with my family at the Transform Network’s 2015 Gathering on Urban Transformation. I had the honor of offering one of the “Prayers of the People” during the closing worship – here is its text.

Eternal God
It is through Christ that we understand what we bind and loose on Earth is bound and loosed in the Spirit

We acknowledge the breaking of our hearts and stirring of our souls as you removing the scales from our eyes so that we can TRULY see what is happening to your beloved creation

So in this moment we bind every spiritual, institutional, and personal force that seeks to disrupt, destroy, or manipulate the relationships you have called us into with yourself, one another, and our natural world

And we the loose the grace, peace, compassion, and love that will bring reconciliation, healing, and life as we work to model the character of Jesus

May we do the work justice requires as we continue to love mercy and walk humbly with you


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