A Resurrection Day Prayer

A Resurrection Day Prayer April 5, 2015


As I sit here in reflection of what resurrection means,
I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for your love.
The love that caused you to set a radical example of what it meant to enter into relationship with others;
that fought back at what kept people oppressed and separated from all that the Father gives freely.

That incredible love that made you stand for all that was good and just, even understanding that required you would have to give your life in the most humbling and humiliating of ways.

I am undone by this love that transcends through the ages because whenever I seek it, I find it. It may not always look like what I expect or desire but the love and grace that your presence gives is always what I need.

So as I reflect on all you did and all you gave up, help me to posture myself to be just a fraction as giving, righteous, and gracious as you.
Examine me, take what you see, and call me blessed – not for my own gain but so you will be glorified in and through me.
Break my heart and reform it until it becomes a reflection of yours.
Help me to love others as fully as I can and find ways to help them circumnavigate obstacles so that they can find you as I’ve found you.

Thank you for being my joy,
my peace,
my rock,
my source,
and my banner.
May that be evident as I journey through this life.


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