The World Can Wait

The World Can Wait March 18, 2018

Hundreds of unopened emails
Missed calls and unanswered voicemails

The world can wait

Notification alerts sounding on multiple devices
Anxiety rising with each digital tap on your shoulder

The world can wait

Your old friend insomnia has come calling
Robbing you of countless hours of both moon shadow and daylight

The world can wait

Press pause as much as you need dear one because your needs have changed
You hold so much
So now your mind and body and spirit have to catch up to the heights to which you have ascended
The air feels thin because you are adjusting to new ways of breathing and being
It’s OK if you are tired

I know this sojourn feels lonely sometimes but just like you met others along the way, new companions will draw near who get the challenges of your climb
It’s alright to rest and it’s good to put everything on silent
There’s no shame in stopping for a spell when you’re weary

Power down
Cocoon yourself with what gives you life
Find new ways to enter your rest
Everything will be there when you get back, Love
Remember that the world can wait

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