Writing My Vision and Making It Plain

Writing My Vision and Making It Plain June 30, 2018

I have a friend who invites those of us in community with them to articulate our dreams on a semiweekly basis. This exercise has been super helpful because it’s pushed me to think through what I desire for my life and how to go after it. I want to share some of that vision with you then invite you to share your dreams so that we can hold these things together.

All l want to do is write, speak, and curate space in ways that allows people to know that they are seen, known, and aren’t alone.

The writing bit is pretty straightforward. Y’all already know that I blog and in October I’ll celebrate my 5 year blogiversary. I don’t think I’m the most prolific writer but I’m honest and that’s the reason I think that sharing my thoughts matters. There are so many people out there who offer up words but not many of them will actually share the full measure of their thoughts which I think hampers their genius. The only things that I’m unwilling to share are things that are stories or reflections that infringe on the privacy of other people. I’m in the process of porting my blog to a bigger platform (which is slightly terrifying but more on that later). And at some point, I’ll start authoring and editing books. That’s been a dream of mine since I was 19 but seeing that realized means finding a publisher who can support me as a queer, Black writer whose work is spiritual but not explicitly Christian anymore. I don’t neatly fit into boxes so I get rejected way more than you’d think.

My vision for speaking is threefold – I want to podcast, do more public speaking, and teach. People always ask me how I’ve come to know the things that I know. The truth is it’s through conversations. My sense of recall is a bit shit unless it’s connected to feeling so I learn way more by sharing story than I do reading books or listening to lectures. I know a lot of phenomenal humans and my forthcoming podcast will capture some of the magic of their wisdom through our conversations.

I *do* recognize the power of my own voice so that’s where my public speaking will come into play. I want to panel and keynote more. I’m also willing to go into explicitly religious spaces and agitate, saying what my pastor homies can’t so that folks wake up and do the work of community. The same sentiment applies to my teaching. I want to help people see their power and wisdom then push them to interrogate what happens when they wield those things with care or with prejudice.

Space curation is where my nonprofit comes in. I want to curate experiences and spaces for gathering where people can learn and be learned from and find people who will challenge them while also allowing them to show up whole. I want to use my resources to help people find the community they long for and that grants them the grace to be precisely who they are. Many places encourage people to show around particular identities but my vision is to offer affinity spaces alongside inclusive spaces that let people show up whole. My heart is to see people celebrated for the uniqueness of their personhoods and know that they will find supportive environment where their needs can be named and honored. I’ve even developed methodology that makes room for that to actually happen. Outside of the work of CFI, I want to grow as a digital space curator whose work makes room for people to say and name things they may not have the ability to take elsewhere.

tl; dr: I want to change the world – or at least the pockets of it that I occupy.

I’ve been trying to do all these things more fully and need some tangible support because I can’t live out my dreams alone. I need folks to collaborate with and who’ll contract me as a facilitator/speaker/writer (aka #HireAlicia – S/O to DFH). I need patrons because the reality is that no one has ever changed the world by themselves. ALl changemakers and visionaries have networks of support that resource them and shamelessly amplify their work and perspectives.

I’ve done good things in the world but if I’m wholly transparent I know my greatness has barely broken through the ground. Everything we’ve seen me do since 2014 is what I’ve been able to Macgyver with no salary, good friends, the occasional contract, and the spirit of a hustler. Now imagine what I could do if I’m resourced.

I share all this so you can help me hold my vision because vision is not something that’s meant to be held alone.

What are your dreams? What do you want to manifest in the world? What supports do you need to do it?

One of my favorite pieces of scripture speaks about writing your vision plainly so that people who see it will run with it. So take a beat and make your vision plain. Maybe you’ll find support you need to see your dreams come into fruition.

Aside from being on Team #HireAlicia and inviting me to speak, facilitate workshops, or write pieces for your context, the best way to support me right now is via my Patreon. Whether it be $5 or $500, being one of my monthly supporters will help me do the work I need to do in the world. You can do that by visiting www.patron.com/aliciatcrosby

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