May 27, 2023

The threat of rising right-winged fascism is more prevalent than ever right now here in the USA, Eastern Poland, a good portion of Russia, and other countries.  It’s not only a threat to democracy, it’s a global threat.  Since history does tend to repeat itself, we must review history so the world does not repeat the same mistakes again, particularly those of Nazi Germany.  Reviewing the history of the Holocaust is a great place to start.  In one of my... Read more

May 26, 2023

Since I served in conservative Christian ministry for so long, I was gravely naive to what was actually happening in the world. For most of my career prior to secular employment starting during COVID, I thought the traditional nuclear family was more prevalent than it actually is. Boy howdy; was I wrong. Once COVID hit, once I started serving in the secular Educational Therapy world, once I started serving in both ecumenical and Catholic LGBTQIA+ and disability inclusion ministry, reality... Read more

May 23, 2023

On Saturday, I completed my last lay ministry class in Catholic Social Doctrine (Social Justice) which is rooted in 2000 Bible verses, particularly the Gospel. Due to family duties, I had to move my studies from The Boston School of Theology to a local theology school in San Antonio called the Mexican American Catholic College which I have loved. On Saturday, a nun (name not mentioned) from Ireland, who has dedicated her life to prison justice and prison ministry, spoke... Read more

May 19, 2023

Lately, I have been asking myself a thought-provoking question which I am sure many of you are asking yourselves.  At what point does ignorance become chosen or willful, and at what point does this ignorance endanger the lives and well-being of others?  For anyone with eyes and ears, it is impossible to not see the injustices all around us in our modern society.  When the Department of Homeland Security has recently issued more than one Domestic Terrorist Threat for minority... Read more

May 17, 2023

According to the Parliamentary Assembly and a number of other entities who study religion and politics, a secular democratic socialist form of government which combines both capitalism and social programming most benefits the Common Good of a nation.  Studies show that the best form of government allows individuals to make informed decisions about their individual lives and families. People making decisions about their own families and individual private lives are the freedoms we all equally deserve to make.  Our constitution... Read more

May 12, 2023

Yes, you read correctly.  I am an official Bernie Sanders fan. Even though I try not to put too much faith in any one person, I am officially a Bernie Sanders fan. Nothing, absolutely nothing, has compelled my progressive political and theological shifts to the left more than the Religious/Catholic Right who tried to abuse and coerce others to support a conman like Donald Trump. This is especially true with women in conservative faith circles, and in my case, former... Read more

May 10, 2023

I’ve spoken with so many Christians who have been experiencing journeys of deconstruction, including pastors and theologians. I am no exception. The day Trump mocked the disabled reporter in 2016 was the day that spontaneous deconstruction started for me personally, both spiritually and politically.  This experience has varied for millions of people. For many of us, we’ve had to untangle and discard harmfully-applied theology and soul-crushing politics.  I will admit, the pain of watching parts of the American Church participate... Read more

May 8, 2023

(more…) Read more

May 5, 2023

If you read some of my previous posts, you will find that I wasn’t nearly as progressive as I am today.  In fact, the involuntary progressive shifts I made started with Trump mocking the disabled reporter.  As a disability practitioner, this is something I couldn’t stomach. From that point on, starting in 2016, difficult yet needed political and theological shifts, deconstruction, and reconstruction are still occurring today. The more ugly and further right the Religious Right/Catholic Right shifts, the more... Read more

May 2, 2023

With the rise of neo-fascist movements in the United States and around the world, living in Texas, working as a disability practitioner, and parenting neurodivergent young adults, I have been searching for the most anti-fascist country and religious organizations in the world with the most influence. I believe that these are undoubtedly Germany and the German Catholic Church. Unlike the United States, Germany has learned from its past sins of racism, bigotry, misogyny, marginalization, and oppression.  Germany doesn’t parade Schwastikas... Read more

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