Hypocrisy–The Holy Father and the GOP Jesus Memes Call It Out!

Hypocrisy–The Holy Father and the GOP Jesus Memes Call It Out! November 2, 2022

As I sipped on my morning coffee today, I scrolled through Google images which speak of current hypocrisy in the Church and how others in society see it. No doubt, political polarization and hypocrisy are crippling the witness to Christianity. Hypocrisy is also driving out young people from the Church in droves.

This image is one of thousands which exposes the infiltration of right-winged hypocrisy and ideology into American Christianity.  I could list hundreds of moderate to progressive faith leaders who helped me crawl away from the abusive Catholic Right and find healthy and true spirituality.   The top faith leader for me is Pope Francis.  Pope Francis is the 266th successor to the Apostle Peter. If you read Matthew Chapter 16: 17-19, this passage starts the direct Apostolic lineage of Popes to who we have today, to our current Beloved Holy Father.

What I find particularly funny yet shockingly-true are GOP Jesus memes.  Please note that I don’t believe that most Republicans are this way, just a sect of die-hard MAGA Republicans.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Then to close, I will share final thoughts from my personal blog and then my favorite video again of the Republican Jesus. The video exposes hypocrisy in such a way that is actually terrifying because it glares the truth.

“This is also my analysis of the last 50 years of American history in regards to the marriage of the hard political right and Christians of
different kinds, many (not all) White Evangelicals, a little less than half of White American Catholics, and many White High Church Protestants. Yes, there is a huge racial component to voting. In short, many White Christians have taken the one issue of abortion and a few others related to religious freedoms and sexuality, and they have used these as weapons to coerce other Christians to vote Republican out of “Christian Duty” to the point of abuse. They have done this in exchange for life-giving services and safety for millions of Americans over 50 years: disability, nationalized healthcare (not socialized), Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, WIC, food stamps, living wages, gun safety, environmental safety, etc….and they call these safety nets and safety precautions “Socialism” or even “Communism” yet we are the richest country in the world who can well-afford to care for the most vulnerable in our society, and we can well-afford to keep our citizens safe. Yet, we discard all of this in the name of fruitlessly saving the unborn and voting against people instead of for people. The Church/non-profit cannot and will not do all of these things alone. I know this from serving disabled children in my profession, raising a disabled son for 20 years, and battling Parkinson’s Disease myself.”


(77) GOP Jesus – YouTube






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