Christians, Wake Up, Fascism is Growing Again

Christians, Wake Up, Fascism is Growing Again December 3, 2022

Today I made a Facebook post about Trump as a commentary to the article below this picture. I made a few quotes and then stated a few of my own points.

“Was your blind loyalty to President Donald Trump, a person you’ve never met, worth burning our family to the ground?”  This has happened to millions of families.
One of my readers replied.  “Now, who made you chose? Because it wasn’t me. Don’t give a flip about your politics.” In reply to her,  I know so many families whose members chose Trump over their own spouses and flesh and blood. Right-winged politics are as ugly as they get. They have destroyed the witness to Christianity and the credibility of the Church to a hurting world.”
This reader is one of the last few die-hard Trump-supporting friends I have left. I still have friends who voted for Trump, but ALL of these friends and family now admit that Trump shouldn’t be reelected, and he’s not good for the country. I believe that at this point in time, fully supporting Trump without condition is supporting fascism.   Unless growing fascism is defeated in our country, history will repeat itself. Only a small percentage of Americans are involved with actual fascism, but their influence is powerful and dangerous.  Here is an excerpt of the article below.
“Among the first victims of persecution in Nazi Germany were political opponents—primarily Communists, Social Democrats, and trade unionists. Jehovah’s Witnesses refused to serve in the German army or take an oath of obedience to Adolf Hitler and consequently were also targeted. The Nazis harassed German male homosexuals, whose sexual orientation was considered a hindrance to the expansion of the German population. “Habitual” homosexuals were incarcerated in prisons; many were later remanded to concentration camps following the completion of their sentences.  The Nazis persecuted those they considered to be racially inferior. Nazi racial ideology primarily vilified Jews, but also propagated hatred for Roma (Gypsies) and Black people. The Nazis viewed Jews as racial enemies and subjected them to arbitrary arrest, internment, and murder. Roma View This Term in the Glossary were also singled out in racial grounds for persecution. The Nazis viewed Poles and other Slavs as inferior, and slated them for subjugation, forced labor, and sometimes death. Jewish prisoners received the most brutal treatment in Nazi concentration camps.”
Christians, we must repent of the fact that it was Christians who elected and supported Hitler.  Please pay careful attention to the current parallels of racism, anti-Semitism, anti-democracy, anti-LGBTQ+, inferiority, and the attempt to exterminate “the other.” I invite you to read the quoted excerpt above several times. There is an eerie familiarity to our current-day political scene.

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