Fascism is Here; It Didn’t Happen Overnight

Fascism is Here; It Didn’t Happen Overnight December 6, 2022
This didn’t happen overnight.  We didn’t wake up one morning with a National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin which lists Targeted People and Targeted Places. Sadly, the Targeted People include the LGBTQIA+ community, racial minorities, religious minorities, certain types of media, certain government personnel, and perceived ideological opponents. The Targeted Places are public gatherings, schools, faith-based institutions, government facilities, and US critical infrastructures.

A long-threaded series of events over a period of six years sadly needed to happen for me to grasp the level of bigotry and hatred towards marginalized groups like this. This is an outright direct result of swaths (not all) of the white American Church being married to the right wing of the Republican party (not all Republicans) and forming groups like the Moral Majority and the Religious Right steeped in racism. No ifs, ands, or buts about it, this unholy marriage of the Church and State after 50 years of melding, ushering in fascism, and electing Donald J. Trump has created hatred which has morphed into this level of violence. Within the last two weeks, Donald Trump called for the termination of the United States Constitution and all applicable laws of the United States so that he can be reinstated as President again.   If you claim law and order as being important, this is not law and order.

With this kind of public warning, it is a glaring fact that these groups are under persistent and lethal threat.   It took time. It took the melded Church and state building up lies, conspiracy theories, hatred, and ultimately violence against “The Other.”   They partnered with Fox News, select white Republican faith leaders and churches, and other white nationalist organizations who wish to eliminate those who were not of “The Perfect Pure Race” as Hitler did.  Those who are not white, straight, Republican, Christian, neurotypical, and healthy are “out” in their eyes. As I have stated previously, these types took the 12-15 Bible verses which talk about the subjugation of women and sexuality and they have discarded the 2000 Bible verses and Catholic Social teaching which speak of the poor, the oppressed, and the marginalized in the name of winning another election at all costs by any means possible.
Those who have spent their days advocating “against the other” in the name of being an anti-abortion extremist and anti-LGBTQ demonstrator while calling it “Christian,” the day has now arrived.  The hatred is now fully-exposed.  They claim that they don’t hate, but if it leads to Domestic Terrorism of this kind, it’s 100% pure unadulterated hatred of who Jesus calls “The Least of These,” the exact people who Jesus came to serve and save.   No doubt, Rev. Jim Wallis is right.  Right-winged ideology is anti-Christ.  To be a Christian is more than our stance on abortion and same-sex marriage.  Racism is our Country’s Original Sin; we need to repent as Germany has for the Holocaust. To truly be a Christian is to defend the image of God (The Imago Dei) in ALL people, not just some people.

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