A Fool Takes No Pleasure in Understanding–Proverbs 18:2a

A Fool Takes No Pleasure in Understanding–Proverbs 18:2a January 30, 2024

When I first started publishing 4 years ago, some veteran writers gave me great advice on how I can create new content for articles.  They advised me to create written posts on social media, and then I choose topics that receive good responses.  Several of them lately have been related to cherry-picking the Bible for political gain and not taking the time to theologically work through contemporary issues.  Poorly-applied theology and poorly-applied Scripture can potentially harm people and even kill them.  Yet, there are still many ministers and lay leaders who choose “not do their homework.”

I see a great deal of chosen ignorance occurring in our current political climate. What disturbs me the most is ministers and others who are told, “this practice harms people and can potentially kill them,” yet they do it anyway because “their Bible says it” or “their Church teaches it.” The Bible and the Church say a lot of things, both horrible and good. Biblical and theological literalism can kill people, or it can bring life. Jesus says we will know what is true by the fruit that it yields. Harming and killing people in religious settings and through religious settings many times produces bad rotten fruit from not taking the time to work critically think through theological challenges and contemporary issues. As my favorite Christian Ethicist named Dr. David Gushee says, “Christianity is supposed to give life, not take it away.” A good and loving God would never want doctrine applied in such a way that brings harm and death to others. It should bring life and health.

I can think of two contemporary issues which involve chosen ignorance, the needs of LGBTQ+ people and their families and unconditionally supporting Donald Trump without question.   Starting with the LGBTQ+ issue– years of ministry, medicine, and science have proven that rejection of LGBTQ+ people often does harm them and can potentially kill them.  Every major medical association in the world says that affirmation and acceptance, particularly in someone’s family and community, is a matter of life and death.  All ministers have a responsibility to know, understand, and educate their laity because mishandling LGBTQ+ people and their families can harm and/or kill them.  Yet, there are still many who refuse to learn.

A fool takes no pleasure in understanding,
but only in expressing his opinion.
– Proverbs 18:2
Then we have Donald Trump.  There are still too many ministers and lay people who unconditionally support Donald Trump.  Let’s think about his character, policies, and rhetoric.  He has given permission for all-things-nasty to surface and come out of hiding, nasty and ugly things which are rooted in our county’s history.  Yet, many ministers and lay leaders refuse to muster up the moral courage to theologically work through the grave error of electing Donald Trump.  I believe that any minister who still supports Donald Trump at this point after 91 criminal indictments, January 6th, and a whole host of other behaviors should consider finding a different vocation. Don’t even say, “What about abortion and Hunter Biden’s laptop.”


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