My Grandparents Fought Nazism; They Didn’t Vote For It

My Grandparents Fought Nazism; They Didn’t Vote For It January 27, 2024

A few days ago, I discovered a meme that encapsulates the essence of my writings collectively.  If you look at the featured picture, you will observe a shocking reminder, that the World War II generation fought and died for democracy and freedom.  They also fought against Nazism and fascism.  The term fascism is many times used loosely and is even used to describe the far left.  By definition, fascism is a right-winged extremist movement.  This is exactly what is happening, not just here in the United States but in many countries around the world.  In countries such as India, Israel, Poland, Russia, and others, a right-winged religious sect has melded with a right-winged political party to gain control over the given country.  It’s the same ideology which fueled the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party.

As a Catholic, watching my Catholic brethren vote and campaign for the character of Hitler brings a spiritual sickness to my body and soul.  Thankfully, the social justice wing of the Church brings spiritual life, vitality, and hope to me personally and to the world.  In order for me to survive this divisive battle between Catholic progressives and Catholic conservatives and also a potential schism, I must focus on the positive and what brings hope and life.  I believe the good is found in the social justice wing of the  Catholic Church and other people of goodwill, religious and non-religious, who support freedom and democracy for everyone.  The Social Justice Wing in the Catholic Church is comprised of many private Catholic-identifying nonprofit organizations who are fighting for justice, equality, human rights, freedom, and the Common Good of all people.  This wing of the Catholic Church grounds itself in Catholic Social Teaching which is rooted in democracy, supporting the human rights of all people regardless of who they are, and caring for the planet. It’s difficult to fathom that there are some Catholics, some who are very powerful, who don’t want everyone to have the same rights, freedoms, and provisions as their own families.  It boils down to loving our neighbor as ourselves, as Jesus Himself commanded us to do in His second greatest commandment.

For me personally, coming to these understandings has been a second or third conversion experience.  When Trump mocked the disabled reporter in 2016, my conversion experience (deconstruction and then reconstruction) began to unfold that year.  I asked myself, how is it possible for people I’ve known for many years to support a man like Trump.

If you haven’t awakened to who Trump actually is, please watch this video clip below. Trump’s behavior and actions mirror Adolf Hitler. I personally know families with special kids who will have to flee the country if Donald Trump is re-elected, that it will be too dangerous for them to stay.

If you want to know why I became a staunch Democrat and why I’m obsessed with Trump not getting re-elected, this is the core reason why. He seeks retribution on anyone who opposes him. He will use his power to crush opposition, including civilians.

There are some who would vote and campaign for Adolf Hitler himself as long as he is against abortion. This is why I keep saying that it’s too dangerous to be a one-issue voter. We cannot endanger all marginalized groups for the sake of saving the unborn, including expectant mothers. As Joe Biden says, we can’t be pro-insurrectionist and be pro-American.

Biden compares ‘sick’ Trump to Nazis in 2024 campaign launch | AFP (

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