May 3, 2024

What is cannabis, why is it relevant to the Muslim community in the West, and is cannabis consumption even Halal (arabic for “permissible” under Islamic law) ? Is this a modern debate within the Muslim community, or a tale as old as our religion itself? What are Islamic scholars saying about cannabis consumption and industry? Are the health benefits true or is there no value to the plant? What can you do if you know someone whose developed an unhealthy... Read more

April 9, 2024

The Interfaith at Amazon group hosted their 3rd Annual Ramadan Panel called: Ask Me Anything about Ramadan QA 2024! Moderated by Maggie Blanchard Panelists: Mimi Odat, Irfan Rydhan, Edgar Peralta, Komal Syed, Omar Shallan, & Saabir Shabdi Topics of Discussion: What is Fasting, Prayer and Charity in Islam. What do Muslims eat for Suhoor (Pre-Dawn Meal) and Iftaar (Breaking of the Fast at Sunset). How can Non-Muslims and people of other faiths help Muslims who are fasting during normal work... Read more

March 4, 2024

How To Keep Your Stuff Organized and Safe During a Move Moving house or office can be such a big task that is daunting to even the most organized and energized of people. It doesn’t matter how little stuff you have; it somehow seems to grow and grow the more you pack things up, and you start to wonder where it is all coming from. So, while you resist the undying urge to throw everything into a black bag or... Read more

November 25, 2023

In Episode 20 of The Artistic Foodies Podcast we talk with Shakh Tariq Igram and Jalel Aossey of the Islamic Services of America (IAS), a major certifier and educator in the global Halal industry. We take a deep dive into Global Halal certification, the complexities involved in creating Halal standards especially when you consider differences in Madhahib (schools of thought), and even broach more modern topics of discussion, including lab-grown meats and cannabis / CBD. You can listen to The... Read more

November 25, 2023

Alhamdullilah, so far we have collected six figures, well over $100K in donations from the 70+ halal restaurants and small businesses across the SF Bay Area and Austin, TX who have participated in our current 30 day fund raising campaign for the children of Gaza. The funds have been sent directly to our charity partners: Islamic Relief USA, United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) USA, Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF), and Zakat Foundation of America. We are continuing this momentum... Read more

October 21, 2023

We unequivocally condemn all acts of violence and humanitarian repression against innocent civilians. The targeting of innocent civilians by Hamas is reprehensible. The indiscriminate barrage of bombs and missiles against innocent civilians in Gaza by the Israeli Government is reprehensible. It is the innocent civilians who pay the price for the violence they did not commit. Condemning the harmful impact on innocent civilians and acknowledging the years of systemic oppression of an occupied group are not mutually exclusive concepts. The... Read more

September 22, 2023

Independent audiology practices in the US are a crucial service for millions of residents around the country. They provide essential hearing care and ensure that US citizens have access to top-tier provisions wherever and whenever they need it. However, one thing that has significantly boosted their efficacy is the professional partnership opportunities leading the way toward innovation. These relationships improve the odds of success and deliver a tailored product that stands out from the crowd. This post explores more. Defining... Read more

September 10, 2023

In the summer of 2001, my friend Javaid Malik and I were working on an independent film project.  Just as we were about the release the film which was about Muslim students at CAL Berkeley, the tragic events of September 11th, 2001 happened and due to the onslaught of media attention and focus on the Muslim community, we decided to drop our current project and make a totally new documentary film about the Aftermath of the terrorist attacks in New... Read more

June 10, 2023

  Rabia Chaudry is well known for her work as an attorney and in advocating for the freedom of Adnan Syed, but what you may not know is that she is also 100% a bonafide foodie. Tune in for our full interview with Rabia about her new memoir “Fatty Fatty Boom Boom”. Not only do we talk about food, family, and her lifelong relationship with her weight, but we also get to the meat of matters including a family recipe... Read more

June 10, 2023

This past Ramadan, I was again able to help coordinate a panel discussion with the help of the Interfaith at Amazon group for Amazon Employees around the world to share how they participate and celebrate both Ramadan as well as Eid-ul-Fitr, which is the religious holiday which marks the end of the month of fasting for Muslims. This year, we had Muslim Amazonians from around the world including the US, Canada, UK, Turkey and Australia! You can watch the full... Read more

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