2010 Food in Review

2010 Food in Review January 3, 2011

Double Halal Bacon Burger from Falafel Corner in Fremont, CA

With close to 600 food reviews across several different websites (Zabihah, Yelp, Google, JustSayGo, etc.) many consider me to be one of the most Prolific Halal Food reviewers online today!

Halal Steak Tacos and Chicken Wings from Tayyibaat in Milpitas, CA

I have a large collection of pictures (mainly taken from my iPhone) of my favorite food dishes on Facebook and twitter.

the Sports Platter from Jubba Somalian Food in South San Jose


Combination Chicken and Beef Kabab Plate at Salang Pass (iftaar during Ramadan) in Fremont, CA

Many people enjoy seeing and commenting on my latest food photo online, so I decided to pick a few of my favorites from 2010 and post them here on my blog.

Shake & Bake Chicken dinner made by the wifey the day before Thanksgiving!


Hot, Fresh and Tasty Homemade Naan by my mother-in-law.

I have also included some homemade food dishes made by family and friends. There are also some desserts from mainstream restaurants in the Bay Area.

Homemade Sushi by my brother-in-law, Shahzad Goraya!


Mixed Kebab Plate at Oasis Grille in Berkeley, CA

Feel free to comment on which ones you like best and don’t forget to go out and support these Halal establishments, because you never know if they change owners, move or even worse: close down completely.

Fried Chicken Jummah Plate
Halal Fried Chicken Plate from Jummah after Thanksgiving at Napredak Hall


Memon Potluck Thanksgiving Dinner:)

This happened to a couple of my  my favorite Halal places including: Silk Road Bistro (San Jose, CA) and Top Deck Deli (Santa Clara, CA), which closed down in December last year!


Last Meat at Top Deck Deli: Halal Philly Cheesesteak, Steak Fries & Rootbeer!So I posted two of my favorite items from Top Deck below. Enjoy!
Chicken Salad from Tazo Bistro in downtown San Jose
Jumbo Halal Hot Dog and Chicken Wings and Chocolate Malt Shake (not shown) from Dandy Dogs in Livermore, CA

Unlike other reviewers, I have been to most of the places I have reviewed more than once and try to give an accurate, yet fair review! I don’t post reviews for places that I have not personally been to, ordered food from or eaten from.

BBQ Afghani Bacon Burger from Cafe Sophia
Great burger which is hand made and cooked to your preference. I like medium well myself.

I am also known to post new Halal restaurants, stores and markets quickly and usually am the first person to review them online.

If you would like me to review a specific place, feel free to leave a comment on my blog or email me with your suggestions.

Thanks for everyone’s support and Happy Halal Eating in 2011!

Warm English Toffee Cake from Claim Jumpers

Cornish Game Hen Kebabs from Yas Persian Food

Free Cotton Candy at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose during the SBIA Eid Program!
Nescafe Indian Cold Coffee from Mirchi's Cafe in Fremont, CA
Ice Cream in a peanut brittle waffle bowl at McCormick & Schmicks in San Jose, CA
Gorgonzola Stuffed Meatballs
homemade stuffed meatballs for the first iftaar of Ramadan by Huma Khan
Second to Last Meal at Top Deck Deli: Chopped Steak, Eggs (over easy), Sourdough toast and Hashbrowns!





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