3 Types of Family Members You Shouldn’t Give Up On

3 Types of Family Members You Shouldn’t Give Up On April 2, 2018

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For many, family members are people who make life worth living. If you have good relationships with them especially, you may find that they play vital roles in your life. For one, many of them always seem to be there especially when you’re going through difficult times. You may also share many things such as DNA, childhood memories, family values, and similar cultures. Sometimes, family members struggle with different challenges and need your support. It can, however, be difficult to be there for them when it seems that their situations are beyond you.  This article, however, will list three types of family members that you shouldn’t give up on, even when the going gets tough.

Those Struggling with Anger

For some people, anger is a difficult emotion to control. It can be caused by a number of things such as a failure to address anger when it arises and sometimes traumatic experiences. Some signs that your family members may be struggling with an anger disorder include rage, irritability, increased energy, temper tantrums, heated arguments, and being physically aggressive or violent. These things can become increasingly difficult for you to deal with, however, there are ways that you can help them. You could, firstly, have a discussion about it with them when they’re calm and suggest them trying an anger management support group. You could also practice relaxation techniques with together, encourage them to stay away from mood-altering substances like alcohol and drugs, and teach them to find positive ways to let out their frustrations.

Those Who are Depressed

Another type of family member not to give up on is one who is battling with depression. They can tend to be withdrawn and often push you away, but try not to give up. It may help if you look for different ways to reach them without being pushy or forceful. You will also need to exercise a great deal of patience and perhaps take time out to understand what depression is and how you can support them effectively. Some ways to help someone you love that’s battling with depression are gently encouraging exercise, providing resources that could help them, asking them ways that you can support, and offer to follow them to any of their appointments with the doctor or counselor. Although they may not show it, this is the time they need you the most, so you should try and show as much love as possible.

Those Battling Drug Addictions

It can be disheartening and sad to watch a family member battle with an addiction. Watching their life and health deteriorate isn’t something anybody wants to happen to someone they care for. Addiction starts for so many different reasons such as injury, emotional turmoil or simple experimentation. It can be difficult to help the person struggling with the addiction at times because of their erratic and sometimes aggressive behavior. You should, however, look for rehabilitation facilities in Macon GA and suggest they go as a way to help them recover. Relapses aren’t uncommon, so you should try not to give up even if they begin using again and know that there’s still hope for recovery.

No matter how bleak somebody’s circumstances look, you should try not to give up hope. Addictions and depression can seem like difficult things to support a loved one through, however, giving up isn’t always the answer. There will be times when for your own good, you need to create healthy distance and practice self-care. For the most part, you should try and be there for them in any way you can because often times, love is the greatest healer.

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