Why Living Near the Ocean Is Good for Your Body and Soul

Why Living Near the Ocean Is Good for Your Body and Soul April 18, 2018

Water is often considered to be the element that gives birth to life on earth. Since ancient times, humans have always lived near water and have absorbed a lot of benefits from the element. Even today, many who are seeking balance and calm are drawn towards the ocean and other big bodies of water. Even our attraction to the color blue stems from the same root.

Whether you see it from a spiritual point of view or you look at it scientifically, there are a lot of benefits to be gained from living near the ocean. For those seeking balance and wanting to calm the mind, living near the ocean is an incredible solution for several reasons.

The Ocean Mist

There is that distinct ocean aroma you get when you live near the ocean or by the beach. The ocean mist has a calming property to it. It changes the state of your mind and triggers a more relaxed feeling almost immediately.

Imagine coming home from work and being able to smell the ocean as soon as you arrive. All the stress and problems occupying your mind will be replaced by the soothing ambiance of the house thanks to the ocean mist.

The Crashing Waves

Try any meditation app or browse through selections of background sounds for relaxation, and you will definitely find the sound of crashing waves. This recognizable sound has a truly calming effect that has been proven scientifically.

When you live by the beach, the sound of crashing waves is your natural backdrop. You’ll be surprised by how much more calming listening to the waves reaching the beach is when the sound is coming from your backyard.

More Blue

There is also the fact that you get to see more of the color blue when you live on the beach or near the ocean. It is not a secret that colors convey different emotional messages, and blue is the color that represents calmness. Surrounding yourself with natural shades of blue allows your mind to deal with stress better.

When you look at properties near the beach like Rancho Santa Fe homes for sale, you will also find that most of them have big floor-to-ceiling windows. The panoramic view of the ocean gives you an even greater sense of calmness.

The Long Walk

Walking is one of the best ways to manage stress and find balance. With every step you take, you’re allowing the mind to enter a deeper state of relaxation. Walking on the beach amplifies that effect substantially and allows your body to fully relax.

When you enjoy a walk down the beach, do it without shoes or sandals. The sensation of sand stimulating the bottom of your feet and getting between your toes is more than enough reason to move closer to the ocean.

The list of benefits goes on and on. There are so many things that can help you relax and find balance when you live near the ocean. A house on a hill overlooking the ocean or a property by the beach could be the perfect solution to your constant stress.

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