Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life Every Day

Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life Every Day May 9, 2018

Finding purpose is one of our primary drives. We want to know if we matter in the world, what our purpose is, what the meaning of it all is. Your purpose is more than your creation, it is what you do in the world and how you make your time count. Do more, dream bigger, and make time for what matters. To help you get started, follow these steps:

Slow Down

Modern life is full of conveniences, and yet with those conveniences comes the expectation that you need to do more with your time. This means take on more work, consume more content, see more, do more, and this can end up pushing you past your breaking point. It can lead to stress, poor health, strained relationships, and otherwise your life can unravel before you know it. In order to calm down and appreciate what you have, you have to edit back your life. Start with your material possessions. Keep only what you truly value and, more importantly, place greater emphasis on the things you buy. Will you actually use it? Is it critical that you buy it? Do you want it or have you just seen it advertised so much you think you want it?

Slowing down your life is done when you give yourself the chance to take a breath. Pick up more hobbies that encourage you to focus, rather than on ones that deteriorate your ability to focus, like scrolling through your phone or flipping through channels. Care more about what you have and what you do, and you’ll be amazed at how much happier you can be.

Reconnect with Friends

Maintaining friendships as an adult are hard. Unless you work together, you don’t have any common ground where you can see them regularly. You need to go out of your way to see them, and with how busy life can get this can result in lost friendships and estrangements. Once you have edited back your life so that you do less, it’s time to invite those friends back into your life. The more regular you make your hang-outs, the more natural it will be and the less energy it will take, meaning you can see your friends often without the added effort.

Learn and Progress

We are intelligent creatures that have the power and intellect to completely shape the world around us. It is no wonder, then, that when we don’t continue to learn and put an effort on learning we can quickly feel like we aren’t living up to our potential. Feeling proud of ourselves and what we can do is a huge part of living a fulfilled life. This could mean reading more, it could mean taking free courses online, or it could even mean finally completed the IPAL program and getting certified. Learning will help you personally and professionally, which is why you should aim to learn something new every day.

Finding your purpose and leading a fulfilling life are at the core of every single person’s goal. By slowing down and focusing on what truly matters to you, you can take one step closer towards that enlightenment.

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