How to Practice the Teachings of Islam in Everyday Life

How to Practice the Teachings of Islam in Everyday Life October 28, 2019

As far as Abrahamic religions are concerned, it’s of paramount importance to act as a kind and empathetic citizen. Islam, in particular, shows devotion towards being thoughtful in prayer and in action. Practicing this in everyday life is something that all religious believers endeavor to do, and this can sometimes be a work in progress. Devoting yourself to the teachings of the Qur’an can be achieved by talking to spiritual leaders, joining your local mosque and importantly, involving yourself in the community.

Donate to Charity

Obligatory charity, or zakat, is just one of the duties of practicing Muslims who want to serve their faith well. Like many religions, there is virtue to be found in looking out for the poor and needy. Therefore, it is important to donate to your local shelters and charities as often as you can. It is always good practice to look out for those who are less fortune than you and need extra help to get by.

Be Caring in Your Community

If you want to extend your duty to care for others, it might be a good idea to help out in your community. After all, Islam sees itself as one larger, bigger important community – a family you can always turn to. You could even, if you wished, take up roles of care and responsibility. For example, a school nurses role involves taking care of children who are sick and managing children who are suffering with chronic conditions. This could be ideal for someone who wants to serve Allah by taking care of others.

Being active in your community in general is really important. To quote a Hadith, or saying of the Prophet Muhammad (S), “For him who follows a path for seeking knowledge, Allah will ease for him the path to Paradise,” relates to the notion that you should never stop seeking knowledge. Finding a teacher, or community group who also practice Islam will help you to expand and broaden your understanding of this religion. In life, it is also important to never stop learning and to continue to learn from those who are older and more worldly than you.

Establish a Good Code of Ethics

Going to the mosque and reading the Qur’an should only serve to add to and improve your moral code. Practicing a good set of ethics should involve some very basic principles. Being kind to others and learning to forgive will help you to be more mindful and patient. We can’t all be perfect, but by applying an ideal set of morals to everyday life, we can learn to improve as people and practice Islam with a gentle and loyal devotion.

Practicing Islam in everyday life is about being kind, open-minded and applying the Qur’an’s teachings to everyday life. By helping those who are less fortunate than you and helping out in your local community, you can follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad (S) and see what real charity looks like. It is important too, to be active in your local Muslim community and mosque.

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