First Quarter: A Waxing Moon Ritual

First Quarter: A Waxing Moon Ritual November 20, 2015

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There was a really interesting article last week about what we write about here in the Pagan bloggosphere. Of late it seems Alone In Her Presence has been very “Queen Of Swords” and while speaking my mind on contemporary pagan issues is important to me, it’s not my soul practice. My writers voice has always been the beautiful, I much rather lean into the Queen of Wands and inspire, or Queen of Cups, and emote. I found that last night I as sharing this ritual on my personal blog; Weaving Moonlight and it dawned on me I should really be sharing it here with all of you.

Here we are about a week into a New Moon cycle, the moon is now at the First Quarter. Sometimes,  if we did a working on the new moon we might be asking ourselves “did it work?” Breathe deeply into that space of uncertainty because the moon and the manifestation of your intention is only growing. The energy is still building. In truth the magic has just begun.

In simplest terms, the first quarter is just that, one-half of the Moon appears to be illuminated by direct sunlight and the fraction (quarter) of the Moon’s disk that is illuminated is increasing or waxing towards full. I get into more detail in my book, Weaving Moonlight, Lunar Mysteries, Meditations and Magic for the Soul, but for the sake of brevity and this conversation the moon expanding. This is still the perfect opportunity to manifest, as the moon is offering herself as a clean slate where you can set an intention to receive what you desire for your greatest and highest good.

When the moon is Waxing from New to Gibbous the opportunity to stand in your power with ritual and plants the seeds of desires with sincere intent, ceremony, and symbolism is most aligned, as the energetic vibrations are most receptive to growth. Gestation happens in the dark, nurtured by intention, trust, and faith. Intentions develop roots and new growth emerges, reaching for the light. This is the light we see at the Full Moon.


Sacred Space: A good place to begin all ritual will be a dedicated space that honors your practice. For me that is a familiar space, uncluttered with sacred and devotional objects that align my soul with energies and Goddess. For this ritual, you need a writing surface, paper, and a pen or markers. Light a candle, incense and offer essential oils to the space and your body.

Intention: Center your energy with a few minutes of meditation, grounding breath and let your thoughts come to rest. I use Triple Soul Alignment from the Feri Tradition as my ‘go-to’ centering. When you feel your body, heart, and soul come into center, think about where you are in life and listen to your inner guidance.  This is the space that holds what you most wish to manifest and receive. From here is the invitation to write out your intentions. This is not a list, but rather one or two items that are most important at this time. Write your intention with a positive focus. Here’s an example:

“I am ready to invite and receive ______ into my life for my greatest good and highest purpose with perfect love and trust, the complete harmony with grace and ease this manifestation of absolute desire.”

If you like, place a crystal of your choosing on the paper to increase the energetic vibration. I draw sigils and symbols, which are forms universal communication, they can be complex, or simple. This is about meaning and purpose to you. If the weather allows, invite being under the sky.

Fire: Read your intention aloud and then light the paper with the flame from the candle or a sage smudge stick. Drop the burning paper into an abalone shell or fireproof bowl. Or use a fire in a fireplace or an outdoor fire. Watch the paper curl and disintegrate as it burns and hold the intention in your minds eye as the rising smoke is carrying upward what you have written on the paper.

Voice: As the smoke is rising, use your voice to manifest vibration to carry the intention away. I love to chant at this time.

Water: Cleanse the energy by rinsing your hands in clean running water or a bowl filled with clean water. If you wish, add flower petals or crystals to the water to enhance the energy.

Gratitude: Dedicate the merit of your practice to the ultimate and highest possible manifestation. Acknowledging the Presence of your guides and allies, spirits and honor that your intention has been received.

Release: Know that the seeds of your intention have already begun to grow. Release them by honoring that your ritual is a success. There is no need to return to the ritual, and instead visualize the ritual as successful moving forward.

The moon visits us every 28 days or so. She invites us the opportunity to welcome new possibilities, manifest a new beginning, or banish an old habit. There is something mysterious about the Moon. Unlike the sun, which you can’t stare at head on, the moon is always beckoning you. To me, she always says, “Come dance with me?”

I hope this ritual inspires you. If would be interested in knowing more about the Moon, weaving magick in your life, or how to cultivate more presence or Weaving Moonlight Mystery School email me.

Also, comment below. I am actively looking for magically inspired things to write about for this column!

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