The Mercy of Allah – My Favorite Du’a in Ramadan and Beyond (VIDEO)

The Mercy of Allah – My Favorite Du’a in Ramadan and Beyond (VIDEO) July 1, 2015
Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons, user lallque7
Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons, user lallque7

This is Day 14 of Altmuslim’s #30Days30Writers series for Ramadan 2015.

By Joohi Tahir

Did we ever stop to think how easy Allah SWT has made things for us? Did we grow up thinking that our deen (faith) was difficult and had too many rules and restrictions? Well, now as we reflect on this beautiful hadith and du’a, (a favorite of mine) we can say with such a small amount of effort that Allah (Ar-Rahman) (Ar-Raheem) is vowing to erase all our sins.

Yes, with a short du’a — the du’a we say after eating:

Alhamdu Lillahil lathee at amanee haathaa wa razaqaneehi, min ghayri hawlin minnee wa laa quwwatin (At-Tirmithi, Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah): Praise is to Allah who has given me this food and sustained me with it though I was unable to do it and powerless.

We can make this du’a with very little effort. We eat, typically three times a day in non-Ramadan times, and yes, we are given the opportunity to have all our sins forgotten each time. SubhanAllah. Allah SWT is indeed All-Knowing and knows our capacity to make mistakes, do wrong and fall off the right path. After all, we are insaan (humans) – we forget. It is for that reason, that out of His Infinite Love for us, he has provided this beautiful opportunity to seek forgiveness.

That too, for merely saying a short few words. The next time we want to count our blessings, count this one too as it is a gift from Allah SWT to even have knowledge of it.

Let’s use this Ramadan to ponder and reflect and resurrect this du’a, if we haven’t been reciting it and make it a part of our everyday life.  May Allah accept and forgive every sin of ours, large and small, in the open and in hiding and guide us to please Him in all our actions.

Please take a few minutes and watch this video by Sheikh Omar Suleiman, as he explains this beautiful du’a much better than I can.

 Joohi Tahir is the executive director of MUHSEN, Muslims Understand and Helping Special Education Needs.

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