Hello over there. My name is Bader Saab, and I’m a digital journalist, a solitary, eclectic witch, and a self-proclaimed modern-day Sha’ir.

Witchcraft found me in my teens and I’ve been learning and practicing as an eclectic ever since, but only recently found my way as Modern-Day Sha’ir, a pre-Islamic priest who was thought to be in league with the Gods and the jinn, capable of doing magic and inspiring his tribe and its warrior through poetry.

In the mundane world, I have a communications degree, work and collaborate with my real name in a couple of websites and magazines and write YA, fantasy fiction books. “Bader” was born the day I decided to learn more about Witchcraft and focus on my Arabic culture, which I’m still re-discovering, re-learning about, and re-interpreting. You can say my family is very traditional regarding religion and spirituality, some more than others, for their reasons, so being Bader provides a safe place to explore my roots and stay on good terms with them and myself.

Besides reading and writing, you can find me studying the Gothic subculture, learning new languages, brewing uncommon tea combinations, and making endless lists of movies, music, and the like that don’t seem to end.