No reward or achievement is equivalent to the dignity, holiness, and beauty of human life!

No reward or achievement is equivalent to the dignity, holiness, and beauty of human life! January 14, 2020
 By my beautiful wife, Nora de Loera

“And I wouldn’t have been able to do this without employing a woman’s right to choose. To choose when to have my children and with whom.” -Michelle Williams
During her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, actress Michelle Williams confessed that thanks to “a woman’s right to choose” – that is, thanks to the fact that she was able to abort her baby – she was able to succeed in her career. What were the reactions of the audience and many viewers? Smiles, tears of joy and applause…lots of it.
Michelle has a daughter and is currently pregnant. I start thinking about this and it gives me the chills. I’m pregnant too. This is my sixth pregnancy. Are there dreams or goals that I have not been able to achieve due to my “motherhood lifestyle”? Of course. But this doesn’t mean that my children are a hindrance or that I would have preferred for them not to be born so that I could succeed in my dream career. In fact, not only are they not obstacles in my life; each one of them has made me a better woman, a better mother, and a better person. My children help me discover my purpose in life. I am more, not less, because of them.
It is sad to see how Michelle and many other women of today despise the life of an innocent and helpless little baby and consider them an obstacle to their lives. This reminds me of what Pope Francis said about abortion a while ago and which he has reiterated on a couple of occasions: “Is it licit to eliminate a human life to solve a problem?… Is it licit to hire a hitman to solve a problem? It is not lawful. Never, ever eliminate a human life or hire a hitman to solve a problem.” Our 5 children and the baby I still carry in my womb are the greatest blessings my husband and I have. No reward or achievement is equivalent to the dignity, holiness, and beauty of human life. We wouldn’t change them for anything!
I understand that people who have not had an intimate and transformative encounter with Jesus may see abortion as a solution, especially after rape. However, there are many who call themselves Christians and who are in favor of the “right for women to choose.” The way of the cross is not easy. Following Jesus requires love and sacrifice. Jesus said it well: “No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” (John 15,13). Not only did he say it, but he also put it into practice by giving his life on a cross for all of us. The way of Christ and his Cross frees us when we learn to sacrifice our dreams, goals, time, energy, even our own lives, if we must, for our children and our family.
It’s true that those of us who love and defend the lives of the unborn are deeply saddened and even angered with Michelle’s acceptance speech. However, if we are Christians, we have a duty to pray for her, for all those who celebrated her speech and decisions and finally, for all the women who are contemplating abortion, those who have already gone through it and those responsible for carrying out these murders.
The month of January is dedicated to the life of unborn babies. Let us pray for the end of abortion and teach our children to value human life, from the moment of conception until natural death. May our children’s generation be the generation that puts an end to the tragedy of abortion.

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