End of the Summer Musings

End of the Summer Musings August 30, 2013

Been doing lots of posts on culture and music—because sometimes you just have to unplug from the news. And it’s summer! And it’s now over…so

  • Portland is a phenomenal city-vacationing there reminds me that the Northwest—a bastion of the “nones” is a great place to live.
  • I got lots of writing done on lots of little projects- I’m happy about that!
  • Things I’m less happy about: harassing children for singing the national anthem in Español. Classless hatred at its worst.
  • Even more disturbed about/
  • The unjust verdict for Trayvon—and the silence of white evangelical churches—may the shame disturb you into action
  • Finished several writing projects but not my BIG overdue book—so feeling the pressure
  • Find that I care less and less about the ubiquitous questions about white millennials/evangelicals/nones, etc. if Latinos/as don’t carve out their own space and answer the questions the way they want—we do nothing but contribute to the continued colonial narration of our story—what do you mean?
  • What I mean is that I don’t allow the dominant culture to narrate my story as the norm, as ascribed to me, as indicative of my experience, example?
  • Once asked why I don’t have the same “reverence” for John Wesley as many of my Wesleyan colleagues? I answered: “what does a 18th century British male have to say to me? To my experience? I just don’t fetishize Wesley like y’all do—made no friends that day
  • Finished a fantastic interview with pioneering progressive Pentecostal missionary, Rick Waldrop—look for that next week! You’ll love it—if you’re progressive-if not, well, listen anyway…it’ll do you good.
  • Back on a work-out regimen—going through the Sopranos—and I am finding that I really miss James Gandolfini
  • Soon—I’ll post on the t.v. show Orange Is The New Black—because any depiction of faith healers always catches my attention
  • In the meantime, I hope you had a restful summer, fellow academics—enjoy your classes—fellow students—don’t give us a hard time and do your reading—we really work hard and want you to do the same.
  • There’s new boxing, football and NBA seasons around the corner, as well some great T.V. ahead for fall–Broadchurch, Luther on the BBC, On HBO there’s Boardwalk Empire, and Showtime’s Homeland among others…
  • Adelante! and best for the new school year!
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