Prayer from the Body

Prayer from the Body January 25, 2014

O God, sometimes I have such big plans and hopes for the things I would do for you and for the world. But often my body makes demands and limits me. So today I pray for and with my body:

  • that I would accept and befriend my body as a gift from you
  • that I could take delight in the fact that I am fearfully and wonderfully made
  • that I would do the maintenance and upkeep of my body necessary each day with energy to keep it moving as strongly and smoothly as it is able
  • that I would give my body its due, but only its due, not what the clamoring voices of advertising, medicine and critics call for
  • that the time I spend caring for my body will be a sacrament to you, not just an onerous chore to be checked off the list
  • that I will be grateful for scientists and researchers who have given themselves to finding cures and discovering healthier practices
  • that I will be grateful for the gifts I have been given in my body–strength, health, breath, sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste–with which to savor all the goodness of the worlds around me
  • that I will appreciate fully the access I have to health care, and that I will use it wisely, while working for the inclusion of all folk to systems of caring for their bodies
  • that in pain and discomfort I will experience the Presence of Your Spirit with me
  • that I will participate in my own healing when I am taught the ways to do that
  • that I will remember that I am mortal, my days are finite, but that I am immortally in Holy Presence
  • that I will enjoy the body You have given me, and will glorify You with it whatever I do.

I ask this in the name of the One who became a human body for the sake of the bodies of the world, Amen.

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