Contributors Welcome!

Contributors Welcome! February 27, 2013

Would you like to write about an aspect of faith, ethics, politics, and social justice? Well, I could use your help at Approaching Justice!

I am looking for two types of contributors:

Contributing Writers who want to write on a regular basis. This can be weekly, monthly, or whenever the spirit of Tom Joad moves you.

Guest Contributors who want to share about an event or issue related to the themes of Approaching Justice but who may not want to contribute regularly to the blog.

I am open to cross-posting as well.

Contributors can be from any religious affiliation or political persuasion. Really! Also, I define the themes of Approaching Justice pretty broadly.

My hope is to move towards a more issues and current events driven format after my dissertation is complete. I would love your help in getting us started in that directing now.

Contact me at if you are interested.

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