“Are Mormons Christian?” An Interfaith Round Table

Are Mormons Christians?

For most Mormons, the answer to this question is obvious. Yes, yes they are. They believe in Jesus Christ. This settles it for them

For people from other religious perspectives, the answer is obvious but in the negative. Mormons are not Christians. The reasons for this response are varied.

For some, few answers are obvious. Instead, this question is more one of inquiry. For me, the question itself, and that it gets asked, is what intrigues me and brings me to this round table. Why do we get caught up in these debates? What do such questions tell us about Mormonism, Christianity, and religion.

A group of bloggers here at Patheos has decided to take turns addressing this question. The participants on this round table, include contributors to the Mormon channel here at Patheos, as well as bloggers at the Buddhist and Catholic Channels. I am hoping to rope in contributions and responses from other channels as well.

We will also have at least one guest contribution from a leading scholar who has written on this topic.

Already, this round table is providing a discussion which goes beyond the standard debate on this questions between Mormon apologists and evangelicals.

If you would like to contribute a guest post about this question, shoot my a message. You can do so by sending me a message at my Facebook page or by emailing me at approachingjustice@gmail.com

I am looking forward to this discussion. Patheos is a great place for it.

Here are the contributions to the round table so far:

“Are Mormons Christians? Yes and No.” by Chris Henrichsen of Approaching Justice.

“Are Mormons Christians? Defining Religious Identity” by Justin Whitaker at American Buddhist Perspective.

“Are Mormons Christian? Who Gets to Decide?” by Caryn Riswold of feminismxianity.

“Mormonism and the Christianity Police” by Taylor Petrey at Peculiar People.

“What a Pagan can tell you about whether Mormons are Christian” by John Halstead of The Allergic Pagan.

“Who Do You Say That I Am? Mormons and the Christ” by Kathy Schiffer at Seasons of Grace.

“Are Mormons Christian? We’ll see.” by Sam Rocha.

“Are Mainline Protestants Christian?” by Stephen H. Webb at Sam Rocha’s blog.

Are Mormons Christian? A series of unhelpful questions by Fred Clark at Slacktivist.

“Mormons as Christians; Christians as Mormons” by Matthew Bowman at Peculiar People.

“A Muslim comment on ‘Are Mormons Christians’ (A Guest Post from Rashid Patch)” by Rashid Patch at Approaching Justice.

And there are more to come!