September 29, 2022

If you want to understand evangelicalism, don't study the faith of Billy Graham, study the politics of Strom Thurmond. Read more

September 28, 2022

That external and internal distinction, I think, is hugely important for understanding the culture wars. Read more

September 27, 2022

Bullies and bootcamps, LaRouchies and Lizard People. Read more

September 27, 2022

Beware of anyone who wants to eliminate all arbiters of law, legitimacy, and truth. Read more

September 26, 2022

Do justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly. Read more

September 26, 2022

Good luck trying to sort out the "real" George Washington or book of Revelation from the ones used by storytellers. Read more

September 25, 2022

From September 25, 2013, “‘Dracula’ and the Bible” NBC television has a new 10-episode miniseries this fall called Dracula. It’s based on the famous vampire from Bram Stoker’s 1897 gothic novel. I’ve never read Stoker’s novel. I’m not sure I could. I’m not sure any of us could. It’s still in print and readily available — you can download a free ebook version here, or read it online if you like. But those of us sitting here, in 2013, will still have a... Read more

September 24, 2022

For "We Deny" read “We Have a Terrifying, Gnawing Suspicion that …” Read more

September 23, 2022

Local reporting and real journalism has always been propped up, in part, by snake-oil and side-boobery. Read more

September 22, 2022

Listen to Parker Molloy, Rev. William J. Barber III and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Jay Caspian Kang, Jason Wilson and Aaron Flanagan, Dahlia Lithwick, and Patrick Freyne. Read more

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