Meg Lanker-Simons is my friend.

Meg Lanker-Simons is my friend. May 2, 2013

Surviving Wyoming is no longer about surviving the brutal weather and climate (like it was the pioneers) but it is about surviving the brutal and cruel people.

Meg Lanker-Simons is my friend. I am her friend. I stand by her for that very reason.

Chris responding to a question from Meg on her radio show. Photo by Meg.

I know what it is like to be thrown under the bus by an institution of higher education that is willing to spread vitriol and lies in order to cover itself.

I know what it is like to deal with law enforcement in Wyoming. Not the most analytical bunch. So, I have little reason to give them much benefit of the doubt.

I know what it is like to deal with media outlets like the Casper Star-Tribune (CST). The CST is a vile outlet. Their editor prides himself in destroying lives. His reporters are little more than pawns in his cynical game.

Meg and her husband Andrew are among the few people in Wyoming that I trust. Yes, their are others…but that circle has become very small over the last five months.

When I first announced my run for Congress, Meg reached out to help while most on the left here was still trying to figure out if I was liberal enough (if you read my blog…you will find irony in that).

She had me on her weekly radio show three times. Meg and Andrew where invaluable consultants for a campaign that could not afford to hire any. They canvassed with me and my family. They invited my family to their home for lasagna.

Loyalty and friendship are very hard things to find in the wasteland which is known as Wyoming. I am not about to caste those aside who have so willingly show me loyalty and friendship.

Instead of judging Meg, I am instead choosing to show her love. She is my sister in the struggle. If mistakes were made, I will only show forgiveness.

Many people on the right and left would be more than happy to see Meg hurt by all of this. She has long been the enemy of the proper and the comfortable.

Of course, she has been hurt and there is more hurt to come.

Meg is my friend. I will be there for her. If you cannot understand this, I am sad for you. You must not know what it means to be a friend and to have friends.

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