I Am Feeling So Patriotic, So Today I…..

I Am Feeling So Patriotic, So Today I….. July 3, 2013

….am wearing my Netherlands World Baseball Classic cap.

My mother, Carla Henrichsen, is a native of the Netherlands. She has been a proud American citizen for sometime now. Since it was her birthday yesterday…I better not emphasize how long she has been an American. Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom mentioned on Monday that her father, my grandfather, Abraham Meijer would have turned 100 on that day (July 1). Opa has been gone for over a decade, but I sometimes feel that he is still with we. I am not sure if he is actually there, or if it is that I just inherited so much from him in who I am. I wish I had gotten to know him better. I hope that he is proud of me.

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