Can A Male Be a Feminist? What is a Male?

Can A Male Be a Feminist? What is a Male? September 5, 2013

Can a male be a feminist?

Before we can even start to address this question, we first much ask the question “What do we even mean by male or female?”

For this I think Judith Butler has a lot to offer on this question:

Mormons are essentialists to the extent that we would make Plato blush, particularly on issues of gender. It appears that Mormon Feminism has largely jumped on the essentialist bandwagon, even when defining Mormon Feminism. This may be because Mormon Feminism is stuck in the early stages of Second Wave Feminism.

A dose of postmodernism is what any form of essentialism needs. However, any group or individual that uses terms like feminism, male, female, Mormon, or Christian strictly as means of exclusion is part of the problem. Do not let the sexist narrative of patriarchy to set the definitions of our struggle. Yep, OUR struggle. In excepting the male/female dichotomy, let alone using it to divide and exclude, we have already lost.

I am not looking for anyone’s approval or acceptance. I accept me. That is enough for me.

Is it enough for you? Just kidding. I am not really looking for your permission.

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