Priesthood Session Open Thread: Televised Edition! #ldsconf #twitterstake

Priesthood Session Open Thread: Televised Edition! #ldsconf #twitterstake October 5, 2013

I really enjoyed today’s earlier sessions.

Tonight’s priesthood session is the first priesthood session that has been widely broadcast. Tonight, one can watch from church or on BYU-TV or online…live.

I am hoping to hear from those who are watching from home. I would particularly love to hear what any women watching think (or what do the women watching with you) think about the session.

Please join me in the comments! All are welcome.

I would invite you to register with Disqus. Otherwise, it will have to approve each individual comment…and that can be tedious for everyone.

Again, I am being joined by my former student Blake. Blake is a Yankees fan, recent law grad, from Idaho, and currently a Gospel Doctrine teacher. Despite all of that…I love him and appreciate his willingness to share with us his insights. Anyone who has heard me lecture..and still can stand me…must be a patient and charitable guy.

President Eyring is conducting.

Elder L. Tom Perry:

First thought when preparing his talk was memories of primary teacher from when he was a boy.

Memorizing the Articles of Faith does no good without knowing/understanding the doctrines and principles, his teacher taught.

Elder Perry taught about a range of the basic doctrines in the Articles of Faith and testified of them.

Bishop Gerald Causee:

“You will go, I will say.”

There are no strangers, only brothers and sisters in the Church.

Shared story from Les Miserable of the Priest offering sanctuary.

Elder Randy D. Funk:

Elder Funk is talking about full-time missionary service.

Come unto Him and offer you whole souls.

Prepare as well as you can and know that Heavenly Father will magnify your efforts.

President Uchtdorf:

“Opa, you can do it now!”

“Godly sorrow inspires change and hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

President Eyring:

Remember that you are not the priest or the Levite who passed on by.

“He stopped because he had compassion.”

President Monson:

The service of home-teaching.

“Above all be a friend to the individuals and families you visit.”

See y’all tomorrow!

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