Why You and Your Spouse Should Have a MOUNTAIN TOP EXPERIENCE Together

Why You and Your Spouse Should Have a MOUNTAIN TOP EXPERIENCE Together April 24, 2017


A few months ago, my husband had the amazing opportunity to travel to Israel for 10 days with some awesome Christian leaders, speakers, musicians, and athletes.  It was truly one of those “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunities.  I was invited to go too, but I didn’t feel like it was the right time for both of us to go clear across the world with such young kiddos at home.  So, I encouraged Dave to go alone this time, and he did.  The other day, Dave was describing his Israel adventure to a captive audience, and an older mentor of ours came up to talk to us at the end.  What he said has stuck with me ever since…

He leaned in close, grabbed us both around the shoulders, and said we should both make it a priority to go to Israel TOGETHER very soon.  Tears came to his eyes as he recalled the two different trips that he and his wife, of fifty years, took together.  He said it was an inspiring “mountain top experience” for both of them that they will never forget.  And, he said it even took their marriage to a whole new level.  

As I verbally listed out the reasons why I can’t go to Israel right now–like childcare, time, money, etc.–he looked me square in the eye and said, “You’re making this too complicated.  There are ways to make this happen if it matters to you.”  

“You know.  You’re probably right,” I said.  “I really do want to experience the Holy Land with Dave, and I’m sure there’s a way we could make it happen.”  He smiled at me.  Gave us both a hug and walked away.

Ever since then, I’ve been thinking A LOT about what he said.  Yes, we should go to Israel together.  Yes, it would be amazing.  But, the words that have stuck with me the most are, “You are making this too complicated.”

Uh.  Those words hit me right between the eyes and have wormed their way into my mind.  And, it’s because he’s right.

Sometimes, I just make things more complicated than they need to be.  Isn’t that the truth for most of us?

We feel a stirring in our heart to go and have some kind of mountain top experience with our spouse, and we use every excuse in the world to keep it from happening.  I know I’ve been guilty of this too many times.  And, it’s usually for practical reasons like trying to find safe and responsible childcare for the kids, or inadequate funds to pay for the trip, or too many obligations on the calendar.  But, most of the time, it’s just worry about the kids and fear of the unknown.

Can you relate, friend?

But, we NEED to invest in having these kind of mountain top adventures with our spouse.  These kind of experiences have a way of bringing us closer because we encounter new things together and must trust and depend on one another through it all.  And, they sure create some amazing memories.  

So, what is that mountain top experience that you’ve felt stirring in your heart recently?  Is it taking a mission trip with your spouse?  Is it doing something physically adventurous like climbing a big mountain or hiking a long trail together?  Is it traveling to a far away place and seeing sights that you’ve been dreaming of seeing in person since you were a child?

What is IT, for you and your spouse?

For Dave and I, it’s several things–exploring the Holy Land, hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, and doing an international mission trip together.

We plan on doing the first two together within the next couple of years, but we are doing the third this September.  And, I am so excited and terrified all at the same time.  We are going to Guatemala to help out at an orphanage, and we have decided to take our eldest son, Cooper, with us.  It’s certainly going to be a mountain top experience for all of us–literally and figuratively, since the orphanage is at a high elevation and even has an active volcano near by.  Yikes!  But, I can’t wait.

Friend, what mountain top experience would you like to go on with your spouse?  Think about, talk about it, and plan it.  Don’t make it too complicated, like my sweet, elderly friend pointed out.  Find a way to go, and you’ll be so glad that the two of you were able to have an amazing mountain top experience together.

To create your own “mountain top experience” at home, take the 7-Day Marriage Challenge, by clicking here.

Thanks for reading, sharing, and responding.  Be blessed!

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