Should a Husband and Wife Have SEPARATE Bank Accounts?

Should a Husband and Wife Have SEPARATE Bank Accounts? November 12, 2017


  1. Marriage is about joining together–not separating.

The heart of marriage is two people becoming one and melding all aspects of their lives together as much as possible. Finances are a big part of this. I have heard couples state that they are reluctant to join bank accounts because one spouse has a lot of debt coming into the marriage. I understand this apprehension, but when we enter into marriage, we shouldn’t hold anything back from our spouse or expect him/her to hold anything back from us. This includes good things and hard things, like debt. Instead, we must collectively approach all issues. Create a financial plan and work to remove the debt together. Neither spouse should feel like he or she has to handle financial matters alone. We must be partners in everything to have a strong, thriving marriage.

This next one will tell you the truth about how your financial decisions impact your spouse…

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