For the MAMA Who is Having a ROUGH DAY

For the MAMA Who is Having a ROUGH DAY September 17, 2018

Sweet Mama, are you having a rough day? If we are all being honest, every single mother out there would admit that she’s had her share of rough days where she feels defeated and depleted. You are not alone, friend. Maybe the day got off to a rocky start and you lost your temper on your kiddos. Maybe your kids haven’t been listening well all day, and you’ve had just enough of the angst-filled attitudes. Maybe you are just simply exhausted from the never-ending tasks that come with raising your children.

I see you, Sweet Mama.

You’re having one of those frustrating days that you just want to start over or just be done with it. And, today, you’re fighting feelings of defeat. You might even feel like you don’t quite measure up as a mom. I get it. I’ve been there too. But, recently, God has been teaching me A LOT about my longing to “measure up.” It all started when I read these verses…

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