August 13, 2022

A Sunni Muslim man was arrested this week and charged with murdering Aftab Hussein on July 26, and Muhammad Afzaal Hussain on Aug. 1. He is also suspected of killing two other Muslim men, Naeem Hussain on August 5 and Mohammed Zaher Ahmadi on November 7 last year. What is most troubling is that these murders are linked to anti-Shia hatred and may signal the arrival of target killings in America. There has been an outpouring of support (and the... Read more

August 7, 2022

Muslims around the world, especially the Shia Muslims, are observing Ashura, the 10th of the month of Muharram, tomorrow on August 8. It is a day to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, in the year 680 CE in the land of Karbala. It is a time to pay tribute to him and his family and companions of 72 people fighting the army of the tyrant and corrupt leader at the time, Yazid son of... Read more

July 9, 2022

Muslim literally means a ‘submitter’, but it implies someone who believes in One true God (Allah in Arabic) and that Muhammad was the last Prophet.  The question has been asked whether being a Muslim a race. The short answer is a ‘No’. In fact Islam transcends race and racism as I will explain below. In addition to the mandatory belief in One true God (Allah), and Prophet Muhammad, Muslims also believe in the Qur’an as the literal word of God,... Read more

July 9, 2022

Before I go over the famous Muslims in America, let me start dispelling a myth, at least among some political circles, who is not a Muslim- past president Barack Obama. The list of “famous” Muslim Americans is going to be long. Let me start by naming a few who are no longer with us but are household names and need no further introduction. Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X (AKA Malik el Shabazz). Muslims have been an integral part of American... Read more

July 8, 2022

Muslim pilgrims around the world gathered today at Arafat, near Mecca on the Day of Arafah. At the time of my writing, many of them are moving on to the next stop at Muzdalifah. This year’s official Hajj date is July 9. This very special day brings back so many great memories from my own, most memorable journey from five years ago. In the end, I will also share the lessons beyond the rituals of Hajj. Muslim pilgrims from around... Read more

May 14, 2022

Shireen Abu Akleh, a Palestinian-American journalist, was shot and killed while covering Israeli forces’ raid and the second intifada (uprising) in the city of Jenin in the West Bank on May 11. What may be even worse, her funeral procession was attacked by Israeli police, nearly dropping the coffin to the ground. The Israeli government had attempted to divert the situation by first claiming that the bullet that hit her was fired by the “Palestinian militants”, in the classic ‘blame... Read more

April 24, 2022

Muslims are in the final stretch of the month of Ramadan. The entire month of Ramadan is a month of immense blessings but the last ten days and nights are even more special. In couple of days, my Islamic center will be hosting an interfaith Iftar to share our commonalities with our Christian and Jewish cousins. Interfaith Iftars have increasingly been hosted in Islamic centers, synagogues and churches- at least those who are engaged in promoting interfaith harmony and understanding,... Read more

April 1, 2022

Ramadan Kareem. My heart fills with joy as the Muslims around the world embark on the holy month of Ramadan today. It not only strengthens my spirituality, but is a time to get more conscious of God and to reflect on all His bounties. O you who believe fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you so that you can learn Taqwa (guard from evil , or be God-conscious). the Quran 2:183 Fasting is not... Read more

February 13, 2022

We tend to blame God for anything, and everything bad that happens to us, and those around us. Conversely, we take credit for all the good things that happen to us. What does the Qur’an have to say about this? The title of this post is based on a story as told by former Notre Dame football head coach and a conservative Christian, Lou Holtz during a commencement speech. There was once a man who was desperately seeking a job.... Read more

January 22, 2022

(Dr Muhammad Mohiuddin’s interview on University of Maryland’s website). Earlier this month, a team of surgeons from the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) in Baltimore made history by transplanting a genetically modified pig heart into David Bennett, a 57-year-old patient with a bad heart. This led to a lot of enthusiasm medical community and gives hope to millions of people around the world who wait for organ transplants for years, often dying without getting one.   This has... Read more

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