July 30, 2020

Today is the day of Arafah- one of the holiest days in Islam. Muslim pilgrims from around the world WOULD HAVE gathered in a desert plain called Arafat near Mecca. Well they are still gathering but they are not from ‘around the world’. This year due to Coronavirus pandemic, the Hajj is restricted to those in Saudi Arabia- their citizens and those living in the kingdom. It remains a touchy feeling for me as I recall the same journey I took… Read more

July 26, 2020

This is the 3rd anniversary of my life-changing experience when I embarked for Hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca and the 5th pillar of Islam. I have posted every year since, reliving my experience, one step at a time. My posts usually started with something like this- “Muslims from around the world are gathering in Mecca…”. It is quite painful to state that this is the first time in a very long time that Muslims are not gathering at Ka’aba… Read more

July 18, 2020

The conversion of Hagia Sophia  into a mosque last week, drew sharp reactions from the Christian, Muslim and secular circles. Many Muslims have supported the “conversion” to a mosque, while others have opposed it. Predictably most Western states and orthodox Christians, among others, have criticized it. I will discuss what I believe is the Qur’an’s view on churches, as well as the hypocrisy of those critical of the move. To be clear, this time around Hagia Sophia’s conversion to a… Read more

June 6, 2020

George Floyd’s murderers filed a false police report, bringing back the memories of the perjury of the racist investigator Mark Fuhrman in OJ Simpson’s case. Read more

May 29, 2020

As he pleaded for his life, “I can’t breathe”, another innocent African American life was lost. The murder of George Floyd at the hands of four police officers is yet another unfortunate loss of a precious life, symptomatic of a widespread disease, as lethal as the Covid-19 pandemic. The disease is called racism and police brutality against African Americans and other minorities. “I can’t breathe” is a call for action. “I can’t breathe” is a plea to awaken our conscience…. Read more

April 2, 2020

We have been hearing people , including the extreme right wing, blaming God again- this time for the pandemic caused by Covid-19 virus as a punishment from God for all our sins and evil that exists in today’s world. These opinions are not limited to any single religion. I simply don’t think this is the case, and I will explain why. I think we were all blind sided by the Corona virus pandemic. As of writing this post, over a… Read more

February 1, 2020

Let me start by stating that Original sin is a Christian doctrine, not a Muslim or Jewish belief. However the debate has existed whether it was Adam or Eve who disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden and fell from grace. The Biblical narrative generally puts the blame on Eve, and the Qur’an clearly states it was Adam, as explained below. The focus of my interfaith work has been on highlighting the commonalities between Abrahamic faiths and Scriptures, but the… Read more

January 26, 2020

Like everyone around, I am still in shock and disbelief after hearing the news of the tragic death of NBA megastar Kobe Bryant. It has not sunk in yet. After all, he was more than a Lakers and an NBA star and his legend only grew after he retired from NBA about 4 years ago. It is also a stark reminder that we really don’t know what lies ahead of us despite planning hard for times to come. I have… Read more

December 27, 2019

After wishing our Christian cousins Merry Christmas, its time to reach out to our Jewish cousins to wish them a Happy Hanukkah (also spelled and pronounced Chanukah) to commemorate the rededication of the 2nd temple to the service of One true God. Jews around the nation and the world are celebrating the 8-day festival also known as Chanukah in the memory of the recapture of the 2nd temple from the King Antiochus IV, after he had taken over Jerusalem. The… Read more

December 22, 2019

Many Christians wonder if Muslims celebrate Christmas. Many Muslims wonder if they should celebrate Christmas. Still others wonder if they should wish their Christians friends, neighbors and colleagues Merry Christmas. Does wishing Merry Christmas mean one is endorsing the salvation doctrine, or against islamic teachings? Whether you like him or not, the recently impeached President Trump has openly declared he wants to bring “Merry Christmas” back into the holiday greetings. In the rising areligious, politically correct America, people have been… Read more

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