January 17, 2022

There is a growing sense that the more educated you are, especially in the field of Science, the more likely you are to be an atheist or agnostic. The Qur’an actually challenges us to ponder over nature as signs of God, rather than as reasons to disbelieve, as we will see below. There are two prevailing myths when it comes to religion and science. Scientists don’t believe in God and/or are nonreligious Religious people don’t believe in Science. Religious people... Read more

January 16, 2022

MLK Day is not only to honor Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s life and his fight for social justice, but it is a stark reminder that his dream is still far from being fulfilled. Trevon Martin, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and the murders of hundreds of other Black Americans are painful reminders of that. His famous “I have a dream’ speech still resonates and still holds true. The Day is also an opportunity for all of us- Blacks, non Blacks,... Read more

January 6, 2022

You may have read it on US currency and coins and you may have said the phrase yourself or heard others say it. What does ‘trusting God’ means? What does it NOT mean? A brief history of its appearance on US currency and references in the Bible and the Qur’an are outlined here. In the end, we will address what ‘In God we trust’ mean and does not mean. Contrary to the common belief, the phrase does not appear in... Read more

January 1, 2022

Many people around the world, including many Muslims, tend to think of Islam as being born in Arabia in the seventh century; they consider Muhammad as its “founder,” and the Qur’an as its Holy Book. Was Islam a result of Jewish and Christian influence on Prophet Muhammad? Did it start as an independent religion and borrow some concepts from the other two monotheistic religions prevalent in Arabia at the time? Or is it the last chain in the long chain... Read more

December 23, 2021

I had published a post earlier about the account of Annunciation as they appear in the Qur’an and the Gospels. As we near Christmas, it is worthwhile to review Islamic aspects of the annunciation, nativity, and something that does not show up in the canonized Gospels- Jesus speaking from the cradle. Only two of the canonized Gospels (of Matthew and Luke) actually narrate the birth of Jesus- both placing it in Bethlehem. The Gospels of Mark and John are pretty... Read more

December 21, 2021

Muslims hold Jesus in high esteem. Some have argued that Isa, as he is referred to in the Qur’an, and by Muslims, is not the same person as Jesus. To be clear, this argument is mostly made by those who have no intention of promoting understanding between Muslims and Christians. But as we will see here, Isa and Jesus are indeed the same person. They argue that many of the Biblical Prophets mentioned in the Qur’an have phonetic closeness to... Read more

November 28, 2021

The Qur’an and the Bible repeatedly remind us that the belief in God is the foremost commandment, along with belief in angels, Prophets, the Scriptures and the Hereafter. However if we examine the Qur’an more deeply, it becomes clear that even though it is essential, belief alone may  not be good enough to get the ultimate reward- the nearness and love of God. In addition to the believing, the Qur’an places a premium on actions- the doing part. The Qur’an... Read more

November 25, 2021

  4th Thursday of November is the traditional Thanksgiving Day in America- a tradition that is centuries old, celebrating the day Americans fed the undocumented aliens from Europe! The first official Thanksgiving is believed to be celebrated after the harvest in Plymouth, New England in 1621 by the pilgrims. Even prior to that, it was customary for many of the pilgrims to give thanks, mostly after the harvest in the autumn. However, more recently people have pointed, correctly, the atrocities,... Read more

November 20, 2021

My previous post was about annunciation to Mary, mother of Jesus. Here, the verses from the Qur’an and the Bible (the book of Genesis from the Hebrew Bible) are compared. Annunciation to Abraham in the Qur’an The annunciation appears at least in 4 different chapters (Surahs). In some places, the son/s are names, while in others his wife (Sarah- not mentioned by name) laughs and is surprised. In some of the passages, the angels then go on to the people... Read more

November 14, 2021

Annunciation is widely celebrated by Christians. It is the announcement, or glad tidings, to Mary by archangel Gabriel, about the birth of Jesus Christ.  The annunciation, or the announcement, also appears in the Qur’an. Even though annunciation traditionally refers only in relation to Mary and Jesus Christ, both the Qur’an and the Bible speaks of other annunciations, notably to Zechariah for John the Baptist(known as Yahya in the Qur’an) and Abraham (for Isaac and Ishmael). This is a 3-part post... Read more

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